My name is Carl Joshua Quines, but everyone calls me CJ. I’m eighteen, and I’m an incoming freshman at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I graduated from the Valenzuela City School of Mathematics and Science on April 2018.

Here is my resume, minus phone number and address.

Me, standing in foreground, delivering a speech.

Delivering an address in the moving-up ceremonies in tenth grade. Image: Valenzuela City PIO.


My partner and I won second prize in math at ISEF 2017, the world’s largest science fair. Since then, I’ve co-authored a paper from CrowdMath 2017 and MIT PRIMES-USA 2018. All three projects were on graph theory, which I’m really interested in.

I currently help train the Philippine team to the International Mathematical Olympiad. I won bronze in the Asia-Pacific Mathematical Olympiad 2017 and 2018. I write handouts and designed a training program for competition math.

Me delivering a lecture.

A lecture on set theory during PRIME 2017. Image: Marilyn Soriano.


I help organize the National Olympiad in Informatics – Philippines, which I placed second in back when I was in high school. I help train the top students for the International Olympiad in Informatics, which I participated in back in high school too.

I made it to the top 3% out of 35,000 participants in this year’s Google Code Jam. I also write miscellaneous programs in C++, Python and VB, and put this website together from scratch. You can find me on Github and GitLab as cjquines.

Source code in C++.

Source code to one of my solutions in the NOI.PH 2018.


Have a question, found a typo, or just want to talk? Drop me an email at cj@cjquines.com. You can also find me on Facebook.