PRIME, the Program for Inducing Mathematical Excellence, was a two-month training program I ran in my high school in 2016 and 2017. The main goal was to write good, freely-available material for training for Philippine math contests.

PRIME 2017

The goal of PRIME 2017 is to make a series of handouts and problem sets for a motivated high school student to work through on their own to prepare for the PMO. The homework refers to problems from PRIME 2016, located below. Solutions for most problems in the homework are also in PRIME 2016. You can view their LaTeX source files here.

Compilation of PRIME 2017 handouts.
Report on PRIME 2017.

  Handout Other links
0 Syllabus  
1 Angles and areas  
2 Functions  
  Week 1 homework  
3 Combinatorial principles  
4 Counting and probability  
  Week 2 homework  
5 Trigonometry Complex Numbers in Trigonometry
6 Circles and polygons Characterization of Trapezoids
  Week 3 homework  
7 Sequences and inequalities Summations
8 Algebraic manipulation A Potpourri of Algebra
  Week 4 homework  
9 Coordinates  
10 Polynomials  
  Week 5 homework  
11 Number theory  
  Week 6 homework  
  Practice final Solutions
12 Metasolving Exercise
Slides 1, Slides 2
Sine wave speech
  Final Solutions, with notes on test design

PRIME 2016

The goal of PRIME 2016 was to sort all available PMO problems before 2016 into categories, and writing solutions for each of them. Much thanks to the students of PRIME 2017, who helped write solutions. You can view their LaTeX source files here.

Compilation of PRIME 2016 handouts.
Compilation of PRIME 2016 solutions.

  Handout Solutions
0 Introduction  
1 Algebra 1 Solutions
2 Trigonometry Solutions
3 Number theory Solutions
4 Combinatorics 1 Solutions
5 Algebra 2 Solutions
6 Combinatorics 2 Solutions
7 Geometry 1 Solutions
8 Algebra 3 Solutions
9 Geometry 2 Solutions
10 Metasolving