Most of the past contest problems are from Nathanael Joshua Balete, unless otherwise stated. My contest reflections are at the bottom of the page.


Here are past problems for the Philippine Mathematical Olympiad. This is everything available on the PMO website, and some files that aren’t; I’m linking everything so it’s easier to use. Credit for everything that aren’t my write-ups rests with PMO. Some scattered solutions to pre-2016 problems are in the PRIME page; I might turn these to a write-up later.

The write-ups have both problems, answers, and solutions for the PMO questions. You can view the LaTeX sources of the write-ups.


Past problems for Sipnayan, organized by the Ateneo Mathematical Society. Prior to 2015 there was no division between junior and senior high. The official page is AMS Sipnayan on Facebook.

  Junior Senior
2019 Junior High Orals Senior High Orals
2018 Junior High Senior High
2017 Junior High Senior High
2016 Junior High Eliminations
Junior High Orals
Senior High Eliminations
Senior High Orals
2015 Junior High Orals  
2014 Eliminations  
2013 Eliminations  
2012 Eliminations  
2011 Eliminations  
2010 Eliminations  
2008 Eliminations  

Mathirang Mathibay

Organized by the UP Math Majors Circle. The official page is MATHirang MATHibay on Facebook.

  Eliminations Orals
2019   Orals
2018 Eliminations Orals
2017 Eliminations Orals
2016 Eliminations Orals
2015 Eliminations Orals
2013 Eliminations Orals
2012 Eliminations Orals
2011 Eliminations Orals
2010 Eliminations Orals
2009   Orals


GMATIC is high school math contest organized by the Mathineers of Grace Christian College. LOTM is Lord of the Math, organized by St. Stephen’s. Math Wizard is the Annual Nationwide Search for the Math Wizard organized by the UP Math Club.

  GMATIC LOTM Math Wizard
2020     Orals
2019 Orals All problems Orals
2018 Orals All problems  
2017 All problems    
2016 Orals All problems  
2014     Orals


I wrote reflections for the math contests I joined from 2016 to 2018, which covers the end of tenth grade until I graduated from high school. They consist mostly of talking about what happened, and some thoughts on the problems. I have reflections for programming contests too.

2016 PMO Reflections
  GMATIC Reflections
  Sipnayan Reflections
2017 PMO Reflections
  Mathira Reflections
  GMATIC Reflections
  Sipnayan Reflections
2018 PMO Reflections
  Mathira Reflections