Most of my work is on Github, as cjquines.


CSS—A theme for Hexo, meant for blogs with a lot of longform writing. Demo here.

just one!

JavaScript—A web app for playing Just One, a collaborative word party game. Source on Github.

JavaScript—A web app for automatically harmonizing to a given melody. Most of my work was to make the UI functional. Won fourth prize in web.lab 2020. I wrote a blog post about it. Source on Github.


Python—A library for writing programming problems, with some utilities for running programming contests. Most of my work was making sure it worked on Windows, small bug fixes, and documentation.


C++—A timetabling program, written for a high school project, meant to schedule classes the way they typically work in Philippine high schools.


Visual Basic .NET—A Windows program for keeping track of scores and times for a Mathcounts-style Countdown Round.


C++, Python—A repository with some of my solutions for competitive programming problems; mostly for my own use. Not really updated regularly, as I don’t do contests any more.


Python—An Asymptote preprocessor, meant for making geometry diagrams, based on TSQ.

Research Title Generator

JavaScript—Generates random titles for SIP-style projects. Somehow the second most popular page on this website, for five years now. Source on Github.