Carl Joshua Quines


Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2019–2023
Candidate for BS Mathematics with Computer Science.


Student researcher · Computational Psycholinguistics Laboratory 2020
Made a web app to gamify collecting data for computational language research.
Integrated machine-in-the-loop language models to provide live, low-latency user feedback.
Organizer · Educational Studies Program 2019–now
Directed Summer HSSP 2020, a six-week program for 3000 middle and high school students.
Organized teachers, students, volunteers, made policy decisions for first virtual program.
Lab assistant · Introduction to Machine Learning (6.036) 2020–now
Assessed lab activities, staffed office hours.
Answered conceptual questions, helped debug student code.
Organizer · National Olympiad in Informatics – Philippines 2018–now
Trains Philippine team to International Olympiad in Informatics.
Creates and tests problems, prepares test data, writes editorials, maintains website.


Exponents of Jacobians of graphs and regular matroids arXiv:1910.06442
with H. Lheem, D. Li, and J. Zhang. Rose-Hulman Undergrad. Math. J., 2020, 21.
Written in PROMYS 2019, under guidance of Dr. Matt Baker.
Expected capture time and throttling number for cop versus gambler arXiv:1902.05860
with J. Geneson, E. Slettnes, S. Tsai. Under review.
Written in MIT PRIMES 2018, a distance mentoring math research program.


You Will Explode If You Stop Talking
Game inspired by Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes and Spaceteam. JavaScript, Canvas.
Whiteboard focused on efficient, customizable keybindings. TypeScript, Fabric.js, React.
just one!
Cooperative party word game. React, Express,
Tool for automatically harmonizing a melody. React, Express, MongoDB.


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, C++, Git, LaTeX
Numpy, TensorFlow, TypeScript, Node, Django, Jekyll, React, Postgres, MongoDB, Docker.


Putnam Mathematical Competition
2019 Honorable Mention
Google Code Jam
2019 Rank 182 of 35,500
International Olympiad in Informatics
2018 Rank 179 of 335