Hand-drawn diagrams related to programming.

Websites, programs, and other things I made with code.

Programming problems and contest reflections I’ve written.

Best Of Code

Here’s what I think are some of the best code-related things I’ve done:


TypeScript—A whiteboard app with aggressively efficient keybindings, meant for giving lectures. View the demo video here, and the source on Github.

just one!

JavaScript—A web app for playing Just One, a collaborative word party game. Source on Github.


JavaScript—A web app for automatically harmonizing to a given melody. Most of my work was to make the UI functional. Won fourth prize in web.lab 2020. I wrote a blog post about it. Source on Github.

Sorting the Planets

From NOI.PH 2019 Finals. A challenging ad hoc problem that can be solved mostly through clever observations.