I’m a blogger for the MIT Admissions blogs, and I make posts about living in MIT around once every week or two. You can view all my posts on my author page. But here are some posts that I’m particularly proud of:

150 years of MIT course catalogs

A comprehensive dive into old course catalogs and what they tell us about MIT’s history.

To the exclusion of everything else

A post explaining some of the reasons why I chose to go to MIT.

Your first last day

“Rooms were open and empty. The lounges had no people; the kitchen was spotless. Moving out, of course, is just the move-in process in reverse.”

Two hundred puzzles, fifty hours later

An eight-thousand-word narrative of my first MIT Mystery Hunt.

Robo-CJ writes a college app

I trained a neural network on all of my writing and asked it to write college app essays. “In English, three is more than two.”

On identity

“I’m a math person. I’m gay. I’m Filipino. I’ll take all of these labels, even if they aren’t fully right.”