I keep a blog called Infinite Ascent.

I used to blog for MIT Admissions. You can view all my posts on my author page. But here are some posts that I’m particularly proud of:

You don’t have to be a founder

Why being a maintainer can be as important as being a founder.

Two hundred puzzles, fifty years later

A nine-thousand-word analysis of my fourth MIT Mystery Hunt.

A Boring Friday

Interactive fiction portraying my typical MIT Friday.

Your last first day

Reflections on beginning my final year in MIT, and where I’m going.

soulsearching / coding

Conversations about careers.

how to sail against the wind

An allegory about choices and sailing.

Two hundred puzzles, fifty people later

A four-thousand-word narrative of my third MIT Mystery Hunt.

The joys of web development

How I learned to love web development.

Bring your stuffed toys to class

A reflection on the liminality of studying at MIT, explained with light-hearted metaphors.

Why didn’t MIT have a logo until 2003?

A writeup on the history of MIT’s current graphic identity, with an emphasis on explaining the research process.


A piece about growing up with depression.

The rise and fall of CPW

Research into the history of MIT’s Campus Preview Weekend, a yearly event for admitted students.

reject modern web design

An April Fool’s Day joke for the blogs.

Two hundred puzzles, fifty weeks later

A twelve-thousand-word narrative of my second MIT Mystery Hunt.

150 years of MIT course catalogs

A comprehensive dive into old course catalogs and what they tell us about MIT’s history.

Twenty thousand paper cuts

Some musings on stress in MIT and responding to it.

To the exclusion of everything else

A post explaining some of the reasons why I chose to go to MIT.

Your first last day

“Rooms were open and empty. The lounges had no people; the kitchen was spotless. Moving out, of course, is just the move-in process in reverse.”

Two hundred puzzles, fifty hours later

An eight-thousand-word narrative of my first MIT Mystery Hunt.

On identity

“I’m a math person. I’m gay. I’m Filipino. I’ll take all of these labels, even if they aren’t fully right.”