I keep a blog called Infinite Ascent.

In MIT, I wrote over 350,000 words as a blogger for MIT Admissions. You can view all my posts on my author page. But here are some posts that I’m particularly proud of:

You don’t have to be a founder

Why being a maintainer can be as important as being a founder.

A Boring Friday

Interactive fiction portraying my typical MIT Friday.

Your last first day

Reflections on beginning my final year in MIT, and where I’m going.

soulsearching / coding

Conversations about careers.

how to sail against the wind

An allegory about choices and sailing.

Bring your stuffed toys to class

A reflection on the liminality of studying at MIT, explained with light-hearted metaphors.


A piece about growing up with depression.

The rise and fall of CPW

Research into the history of MIT’s Campus Preview Weekend, a yearly event for admitted students.

reject modern web design

An April Fool’s Day joke for the blogs.

Two hundred puzzles, fifty weeks later

A twelve-thousand-word narrative of the 2021 MIT Mystery Hunt, which I helped write.

To the exclusion of everything else

A post explaining some of the reasons why I chose to go to MIT.

Your first last day

Reflections on staying in MIT while everyone was being kicked out due to a pandemic.

On identity

On what it means to define ourselves in different contexts, and choosing labels that apply to us.